Fireplace Live HD+ Screensaver App Reviews

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Perfect But the mouse cursor don’t disapear :/

It’s a realy nice fireplace screensaver, i like the sound and the choice it’s perfect but THE MOUSE CURSOR STAY ON THE SCREEN too bad… Please fix that and that’s will be perfect!

fireplace live hd

great app

Looks Great!

Looks great on our 46" LED TV in our living room. (runs from a MacMini) It almost feels warmer in there now!

Candles option...

They should create a candles video concept with the camera MOVING SLOWLY SMOOTHLY over an elaborate candles display using tons of warming filters and selective blur vignette style: dreamy. That would be a very cool screen saver indeed.

Nice app for the Christmas season

The only issue is that the screensaver sometimes launches while working on the computer.

Non-functional app

This app has a lot of issues. The menu icon isn’t visible in OS X dark mode (Yosemite), so I disabled it in favor of a dock icon instead. This renders the app useless. Running the app brings up the preferences window, but there’s no option to actually start the video, so I have to use the invisible menu icon. Also, on a multi-monitor set up (I have four screens), no video displays at all. I can hear a crackling fire, but I can’t see a fireplace anywhere. I can’t select what monitor I want it to appear on, and while it’s running, the menu and dock disappear on all screens, despite the fact that no video is visible.

waste of money

it wasn’t worth the price, and it’s actually horrible quality theres no point of spending your money on this

Exactly What I Wanted

Wanted something that had a nice HD fireplace and the crackling sounds, and this app provides exactly what I wanted. You can disable the screensaver mode and just run it when you desire. Love the different scenes.

Great Fireplace app

I like that it is looped video instead of digital ‘fire’ (never noticed the loop point) and the variety of types of fire is great. It’s super easy-to-use and easy to turn on and off as needed. My only gripe is that the video quality is moderate; if Im using it for ambiance (pretty well all the time) it doesn’t matter but when I sit and look at it (almost never), I wish the video was a little better. I did an informal review of the ‘fireplace’ apps on my iPad (about a year ago) and this was the best by far so it found it’s way on to my computer as well.

The Apple people helped me get it going and now I love it!

I bought the full version. I can’t figure out how to actually hook it up to screen saver in preferences, but can turn it on by clicking on the icon in the menu bar. When I do, a POP UP WINDOW THAT SAYS ‘BUY THE FULL VERSION’ continually pops up every few minutes although I have a RECEIPT that says I have already purchased it. BUMMER!

Great Fireplace

It looks real and makes you feel like you’re really warm. It also looks great on your Big Flat Screen TV, and Computer Monitor Screen, lights up the entire room. I love this screen saver, it’s worth the cost.


The movies go super fast, so it doesnt look real, and certiantly isnt calming. Not simple to set up for a screen saver.

Best of those Ive checked out...

although Id really like to watch a fire with no obstructions in front of the flames as it burnt down from a big fire to glowing embers.

Quality app, depends on what you like.

If you dont mind the 600+mb of space it takes up, the lack of volume adjustment for the fires and a few of the clips cutting most of the flame off due to either the angle or closeness of the shot, then its just fine. I really enjoy its Classic Fire Place despite all of my dislikes listed. Its a good vivid fire compared to a lot of the not-so-aggressive, and almost desaturated, awkward angled shots of similar apps. This app does have a few of those as well, so it just depends on what youre looking for. Overall, works well both for me and in general and the screen saver feature is a definite plus.

Great app! Actually Looks Like a Fireplace on my 13" Macbook Pro!

I love this app! It is so great and the fire sounds realistic too! Good going! Could you possibly come up with more fireplace scenes? It would make the app even better!

Cool but…..

……wheres the sound?

What a deal, I loved it.

I really loved it, and i live in hot south Florida and its summer, but I played all eight last night, it was very romantic, my girlfriend loved it too. We even liked the Candles! It was even better with the sound, Thank you for that. I liked them all. I didnt expect to; that was a shocker and I thought I could even smell the wood burning. it was that good. With a glass of good wine the MOOD was hard to beat. Whats your next one some good fireworks over the Nation s Capital???? Sorry I find anything wrong with it to improve! It was a 10!

Sound doesnt work since update

Is anyone else having this problem? No crackling fire sound!

update wont install

this isnt working, it will download and start to install but then gives an error, any help?

No sound in this version!!

Had the sound in the free version. Sound is gone after buying the full version

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